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The Power of pH Balance
Interview with Steven Acuff

Are you suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, joint pains, excess weight, low energy or exhaustion, mood swings, or other compromising health and emotional conditions? Then don’t miss The Power of pH Balance interview with Steven Acuff on CD.

Steven Acuff lectures all around the world on the topics of health and nutrition, addressing underlying causes of many illnesses. Vibrant health is Steven Acuff’s objective in his cutting-edge work. This man is a walking encyclopedia.

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Giving is Receiving

There is an omnipresent beingness/creative force/universal intelligence/web of knowing, which at its core is what we might call infinitely generous.

In just this little sliver of the visible universe which we inhabit, that we can witness, there is an apparently inexhaustible plethora of abundance - abundant life-forms, abundant stars, abundant air, abundant beauty, abundant water, abundant Love, abundant “mind-stuff” calling you to create, create, create!

So why would anyone focus their amazing creative powers on denying abundant flow anywhere - least of all with money - which is but a contrivance we’ve manifested as a convenience to simplify exchange? Why would we allow money to ever become an ogreish medium, as if it has a power of its own, when the underpinning of its invention is to make it easier for us to interact, and therefore, easier to get along?

Why would we allow it to hold us hostage? In short, why empower the

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Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance

Explore Healthy pH Balance
for Longevity, Health, Beauty,
Weight Loss, Sound Sleep, Happiness,
Peace & Joy!

With this powerful resource, you'll quickly learn how to balance your pH, becoming healthier, more mentally alert, with more physical stamina – and drop weight as a side benefit! Balancing your pH balances everything in your Life.

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Water –

The Magic Elixir of Life

Water... no living thing is going far without it! Earth is approximately seventy percent covered in water, and we, ourselves, are approximately seventy percent water. Earth’s children resemble the parent!

Every little molecule and cell is dependent upon this Magic Elixir of Life. In the amazing work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, as shown in his books, The Hidden Messages in Water, The Miracle of Water, The Secret Life of Water, etc., (Beyond Words press) he reveals the “heart” of water in photographs of its crystalline forms – each worth more than a thousand words!

Dr. Emoto and his researchers discovered the unambiguous response of water to environmental as well as emotional contexts in these crystalline images. His work was explored in the independently made and world-popular film, What the Bleep Do We Know?.

Water not only reflects the world it sees in its mirror-like surface, but, on a molecular level, it again reflects the “world” it sees. It’s a stunning real-world metaphor for the sort of information we find in books such as The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, the idea being that the whole is found in any shard of the parts.

Dr. Emoto’s work shows us that when water is in a healthy, negative-ion state, such as mountain streams or spring waters, the crystalline forms of that water are breath-takingly beautiful. When water is taken from stagnant, positive-ion, toxic sources (one such source is most of our own cities’ municipal waters) the crystalline forms of water are distorted and malformed, if, in fact, any crystalline forms can manifest at all.

But here’s where it gets really interesting... the same is true of water that has had thoughts and feelings directed at it. The crystalline forms which materialize in water receiving the intentioned thought and feeling of “Love” and “Thank You” are awesome, beautiful crystals, (you have perhaps seen pictures of these crystals) while the water receiving the though and feeling of “hate” formed no crystal at all.

In Save Your Life with the Power of Alkaline Acid pH Balance, there is a chapter on water, if you would like to know more.

45 Ways to Excellent Life

45 Ways in 45 days to a more enriched experience of life. 45 Ways to Excellent Life encourages you to explore both your inner terrain and also the world about you in simple, but insightful, daily "action mediations."

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45 Ways
To Excellent Life

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Love Is The Answer
Thoughts from Love Is The Answer:

“Whenever we find ourselves
woefully in the past
or anxiously in the future,
come back to the healing balm of
This Moment,
brought to you by the power and energy,
centering and calmness, of Love.”

“Without becoming intimately acquainted with
the pilot light of Love burning at one’s center,
the furnace of full engagement in life
cannot be ignited.”

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Love Is The Answer

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The Law of Attraction -
7 Ways to Get Unstuck

by Lorna Levy

"The smallest bit of Light
Reveals form in a darkened room
The smallest bit of Light
Reveals form in Thought
The smallest bit of Light
Reveals form in Feeling
Let There Be Light!"
Blythe Ayne, Ph.D.

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