45 Ways to Excellent Life

Do you ever feel like you're living life waiting for something to happen? There's an almost unformed thought that if only “it” – this illusive something – would just happen, you could finally be happy, or content, or more productive?

Wait no more. Life is NOW!

Feeling “on hold” about your life is a self-imposed prison sentence... the way to escape this prison is to Be In The Moment.

45 Ways to Excellent Life is an ebook celebrating living without waiting, it’s about being more aware, more fulfilled, happier.

Begin to POWERFULLY manifest your dreams by becoming more aware and by taking actions, every day. Involve yourself in one of the 45 Ways to Excellent Life each day, and your life will become richer!

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45 Ways to Excellent Life

A Meditation and Action-Plan Packed eBook to Change Your Life!



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