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“Water has a memory and carries within it our
thoughts and prayers. As you yourself
are water, no matter where you are,
your prayers will be carried to
the rest of the world.”
Dr. Masaru Emoto

This quote by Dr. Emoto behooves us to make plentiful our blessings and gratitude, our thoughts, prayers and meditations for ourselves, one another, all creatures, and the planet, as well as for the medium of our “message carrier,” water.

Another action you can take is to ionize your water supply. The process and the advantages of an ionizing filtration system for your water are discussed at greater length in Save Your Life with the Power of Alkaline Acid pH Balance, but, briefly, it is a device that hooks up to your water supply providing healthy, chemical-removed, pH alkaline, (to your personal preference, as home water ionizing devices are pH adjustable) balanced minerals, negative-ion charged water. In nature, negative ions are produced when water bounces over rocks, which is one of the reasons why white water rafting is so exciting... not only for the obvious thrill of the ride, but also because of the negative ion charged water, which makes us joyous.

Bear in mind that when you have healthy, ionized, mineralized, de-chemicalized, alkalized water running in your home, not only are you and your family becoming healthier, but also that water running down the drain contributes to making water healthier on the planet.

This is a case where literally every little drop helps!

Even if a home ionizer is something you need to budget for before getting, today you can begin to alkalize your drinking and cooking water with alkalizing drops.

Your brain is 80 percent water... Please give all those firing synapses a healthy, pH balanced, hydrated environment to synapse in... because I’d like to see you visit A Light Here often in a happy, healthy, inquisitive and prosperous state of Being!

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