Blythe Ayne, Ph.D.

illusion of money with the illusion of paucity?

Affirm Lavish Abundance

Ceaselessly affirm the lavish abundance pouring from the prismatic center of YOU, where your creative forces reside. This force has created all that is! So it's logical that it continues to manifest in your life.

Your “you-ness” is so miraculous. Isn't your existence proof of profound abundance? Perhaps you’re wondering why so many people are just “squeaking by” in financial terms. Perhaps you’re wondering this about yourself.

I encourage you not to focus on the lack, but to be filled with gratitude for the plenty. We call to us that which we focus on. You’ve turned your back on abundance. If you’re tired of lack, TURN AROUND!



Answers 13 Important Questions

1. What is the “Cause-Effect” paradigm, and how can I tap into it to change my life?

2. How do I get my creative power in motion?

3. Where does manifesting come from?

4. How can “thinking from the end” change my life?

5. What do my dreams inform me?

6. Why is it important that I release the energy I have around control?

7. What must I do to have “All Needs Meet, All Desires Fulfilled”?

8. What is “Heart-Mind”?

9. What does it really mean to be a “conscious being”?

10. Why is gratitude so important in manifesting abundance?

11. Why is focus so important in manifesting abundance?

12. Why are my intentions so important in manifesting abundance?

13. What is meant by “money and prosperity are two different things”?

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